Why You Should Choose a Home in a Neighborhood with a Top-Rated School District

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Earlier this week a report came out from Niche.com that listed Plano as the #3 City with the Best Public Schools in America, which got us thinking about just how important a school district is when buying a home. Whether you have little ones already or not, many industry experts suggest opting to buy a home in a neighborhood with a top-rated school district. There are numerous reasons behind this way of thinking, some of which we will go over later.

When you start shopping around for a new home, you will undoubtedly have a lot to consider, from price and neighborhood to square footage, a number of bedrooms, extra features, and the size of the lot. In addition to these important factors, it may also be a good idea to take the local school district into consideration when you start going to open houses. Many do not realize this, but the quality of schools in the area can have a huge impact on how much you will pay for the home as well as how much you will be able to sell it for later down the road. In fact, a good school district can help preserve home values and ensure you are able to find the right buyer for your home, come time to sell.

Plano Schools Ranks Among the Highest in the Nation

Before we go over some of the top reasons why you should consider the schools in your potential new neighborhood, let’s look at some of the facts about Plano and why the city’s school district is rated so highly:

● Average graduation rate: 95.7% (the national average is 82.2%)
● Average high school dropout rate: 0.6% (the national average is 1.9%)
● Student to teacher ratio: 15:1 (the national average is 16:1)

To those of us in the area, it comes as no surprise that Plano Independent School District (PISD) is ranked so highly. Over the last several decades, PISD has maintained an impressive reputation by consistently hiring exceptional teachers and staff members overall. The school district also boasts a unique two-year high school and two-year senior high school system, allowing students to engage in more vocational and elective classes to help them figure out what area of study they may want to pursue following high school.

Reasons to Consider the Quality of School Districts When Buying a Home

We’ve gone over a couple of the reasons why you should consider how highly-rated the school district is in your potential new neighborhood, but let’s look at them in a bit more detail:

The value of your home will be higher

While this is double-edged sword (you will also likely pay more for a home in a good school district), it is important to remember that homes in neighborhoods with top-rated school districts aren’t as affected by the ups and downs of the market. In many cases, schools establish an area as a good location, and since location matters, this will directly impact the value of your home for many years to come.

You will get more when it comes time to sell

Going off of the above point, it is a given that the homes in neighborhoods with good school districts are worth more. When buying a home, you should put yourself in the shoes of a seller and ask yourself how much you think your home will be worth in the future. Again, location is an incredibly important factor when it comes to determining value, so buying in an area with a great school district is a smart move.

To learn more about neighborhoods where we have homes for sale in Plano, Frisco, or elsewhere in North Texas, please contact The Cheney Group today. We are so proud of PSID and want to send a huge congrats to everyone who has contributed to helping them reach this impressive accomplishment.

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