Why Experience Matters in Real Estate

By Jeff Cheney | On

It’s safe to say that buying or selling a home is probably the largest transaction most consumers will ever make. This process is not a simple one, but is instead filled with uncertainty, emotional ups and downs, and numerous challenges. No matter how big or small, every single real estate transaction is a complicated process, which is where an experienced real estate team comes in. While it has become common in recent years for people to use friends and acquaintances to help them buy or sell a home, it is important to remember that experience still matters. Selecting a talented and knowledgeable agent is key to how you will fare throughout the entire process.

Not only will we be your guide through each step, but we will help with staging, pricing, listing, and marketing your property. These are all particularly important aspects for sellers. A picture truly is worth a thousand words when it comes to real estate. If the photos of your home are not done professionally and the house is not staged to attract and draw in potential buyers, you will have a much more difficult time selling your home. Pricing is of utmost importance. An inexperienced Realtor will let you dictate your own price, or may just not know what the market demands.

expensive houseThe Cheney Group – Luxury-House-This is a pivotal point in the listing process – price too high and scare buyers off for months, then by the time you lower your price, potential buyers wonder why your home sat on the market so long and you are forced to further drop your price. Because The Cheney Group takes a team-based approach to each and every real estate transaction, we are better prepared to cover all aspects of the process. We believe in consulting with all of our clients, ensuring we understand exactly what they are looking for and what their future goals are. We advise on numerous factors, including investment goals, timing, family needs, and long-term plans. It is our goal to foster a long-term relationship with our clients that will benefit them and their families.

Choose a Well-Rounded Realtor With Experience

Simply put, there is no substitute for agent experience and knowledge when it comes to negotiating a price, staging a home, and closing a transaction. Becoming a successful Realtor is not easy and goes far beyond the schooling and continued education centered on ever-changing rules, laws, and terminology of real estate. We have worked diligently to become experts at knowing what it takes to attract potential buyers and negotiate the best deal for our clients. At The Cheney Group, we have made it a point to offer a wide range of services to relieve the pressure and hassle from our clients. Beyond our Realtors themselves, we also have an experienced behind-the-scenes team, which includes a listing coordinator, photographer, stager, marketing director, and a closing coordinator, all of whom help facilitate a quick – and more profitable – sell.

Benefits of Our Marketing Team

Real-Estate-Marketing-The-Cheney-GroupReal Estate Marketing – The Cheney GroupOur marketing team works hard and utilizes state-of-the-art Internet marketing technologies to ensure our sellers are exposed to many different opportunities, not just one. With this, our listings are distributed to hundreds of marketing sites and are typically featured above the rest. Our certified home stager and photographer work hard to make sure both you and your home are professionally represented. Not only will the photographs taken by our team emphasize your home’s assets, but they will provide an eye-catching and eloquent description of your home that will highlight its many details. And it doesn’t stop there – we will market your home on hundreds of real estate websites, provide you with on-site advice and tips to help make your home more attractive to potential buyers, and keep you updated via personal calls, email updates, and more.

Over the years, we have grown into one of the largest real estate teams in North Texas, a reputable and respected real estate group, serving clients throughout Frisco and surrounding areas. With every transaction we close, we become even more knowledgeable about what it takes to do well in this industry and help others meet their real estate goals. While it is true that everyone needs to start somewhere, inexperienced agents or agents that are chosen on the basis of a recommendation or friendship are not always your best option. In order to come out on top, you need a Realtor with experience… and an extensive team working diligently and tirelessly to ensure you the highest quality of service and expertise doesn’t hurt either!