Monday – This afternoon we had our grand opening of Phase 2 of the Frisco Senior Center. The Senior Center is located behind City Hall and currently boasts an active membership of close to 1,500 residents.  I was impressed with the expanded facility as it offers a wide variety of options for our growing senior population including an exercise room, a craft room, card rooms, a reading room, and an auditorium.  The highlight of the afternoon was a performance by the more musically inclined members.

Tuesday – This morning was the kick-off of the Chamber of Commerce membership drive. The Chamber had not done this in a few years and so the members were very competitive.  Many Chamber members gave time away from their businesses to help support the Chamber.  By the end of the day on Thursday, we had generated 210 new Chamber members! It was quite a scene to see members ringing cow bells every time a new member committed.

Wednesday – Lately we have been joking that there seems to be a ribbon cutting or ground breaking every day in Frisco. Today was an especially important day as we broke ground on NTEC‘s new facility. The North Texas Enterprise Center for Medical Technology (NTEC) is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit corporation that assists entrepreneurs with starting and growing new medical technology ventures. The Center provides a broad base of support to entrepreneurs, both internally and through its extensive resource network. NTEC is supported by the Frisco Economic Development Corporation (EDC).  Here is an article about the event.

Tonight we had our monthly networking Happy Hour at Bonnie Ruth’s.  Bonnie is always an extraordinary host for our events and tonight was no different!  Thanks again to the “Tara’s” who took care of our group. We initially started these events a few years ago as a way for local businesses to interact and network.  However, it has grown to include many of our members and residents as a social gathering and a way for customers to be introduced to area businesses.  The events are open to everyone so keep posted to and join us for the next one!

Thursday – Today was a busy day in Frisco! This week was National Children’s Book Week and I had the pleasure of reading to a 4th grade class at Carroll Elementary.  The students were very interested in asking me about city politics and the new buildings going up in Frisco.  They were most impressed when I told them I had to write over 100 e-mails a day and periodically write in the newspaper.  The teacher asked me to share this information as they were learning the importance of writing in their future daily lives. I had a great time with the kids.  However, I wish I had picked anything other than Dr. Suess as the kids got a chuckle every time I was tongue-tied.

Tonight was the celebration event for the Chamber of Commerce membership drive. We had the event at Coach Joe’s Restaurant who also participated in the event.  The emcee for the event kept it high energy and loud…I just wonder what other people in the restaurant must have been thinking.  We had a great time, even if we had to watch the Mayor repeatedly “get on a chair and shake (his) hips dawg” at the request of the emcee.  Sorry Mike, I hope I never have to see that again.  🙂

All of Council had to leave the event early to get back to City Hall for a scheduled meeting with staff and the Planning & Zoning Commission.  We are going to have these meetings with our Boards and Commissions on a regular basis to have valuable discussions as well as for all of us to gain a mutually understanding of our vision and our expectations.  I feel the meeting was valuable and much was accomplished.  Our topics included required setbacks for homeowner’s additions (arbors, decks, etc), required setbacks for buildings downtown, possible changes in building products, and our requirements for off-corner gas stations.

Weekend – With the upcoming holiday, this weekend was a relatively quiet weekend in Frisco.  It could not have come at a better time as I need recovery time for a knee injury I suffered in our Friday night softball game. My wife keeps reminding me that I’m no longer 18 and do not need to be trying hook slides during a coed softball game. Adding insult to injury, not only was I out, we lost the playoff game by giving up 4 runs in the last inning.

I’m off to prepare for our Tuesday night Council meeting!

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