Monday – Tonight we had a team registration meeting for Relay for Life.  I was honored to be named the Honorary Chair of the event this year. I lost my Mother-In-Law to Pancreatic Cancer a few years ago so Relay For Life is an important event for our family to honor her life.  The last few years, our teams have been the highest earning teams in Frisco, a title we plan on earning again this year!

Tuesday – Today was election day.  My wife and I went to Griffin Middle School to fulfill our voting responsibility.  I was pleased to learn the Collin County Bonds passed.   Tuesday night was our City Council Meeting.

Wednesday – We made our way to our annual Texas Municipal League Conference (TML).  This is an annual conference where City staff, Councils, and Mayors from across Texas converge to attend training sessions as well as to network.  There is a tremendous opportunity for an exchange of ideas as well as to develop relationships with regional leaders.  City Council and the Mayor, along with our wives, enjoyed a nice dinner this evening.  We have a very close Council and although we may disagree on issues periodically, we are good about leaving that at the office and enjoying one another’s company.

Thursday – I was in class all day.  The highlight of the day was the luncheon where the son of Gerald Ford spoke. He shared many interesting stories of growing up as the President’s son and their rise to the White House.  His funniest story was the story of their first night after being sworn in as President.  Nixon had not yet moved out all of his items so they had to send the next week in their regular home.  That night, Mrs. Ford was cooking dinner and turned to the family and stated, “I am the First Lady, I should not be slaving over the stove anymore!”  The most interesting story was his discussion of the Nixon pardon.  He stated that his father knew his political career was over when he did that but he did it for the benefit of the Country that was trying to heal.  He did not want the Nixon trial to blanket the country for 4-5 years.  The pardon, in his opinion, was an admission of guilt by Nixon when he accepted.  The entire discussion was a real treat and he was a great motivation for us all.

Saturday– Saturday morning was the Frisco Parade.  Kudos to Mayor Mike Simpson for all of the work he did for this event.  Congressman Sam Johnson was the Grand Marshall.  If you have never read the remarkable journey of Sam Johnson, from being a POW to the Congress, then this is a must read.

We rode on the City Council fire engine.  We were told we could not throw out candy which was a disappointment. However, when we reached the end we raced back to the beginning to jump onto our float.  We had prepared with candy and were able to hand some out to the kids.  The turnout was great and everyone went home happy.  The Frisco Parade was a tremendous success and we look forward to it again next year…we are already talking about making our float bigger!

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