It is crucial for the continued growth of our county that we support this bond proposal to improve our regional transportation system. I am certainly not alone in my support for the Collin County Bond Transportation Proposal.

Additional Endorsements:
It was unaminously endorsed by the Frisco City Council as well as Frisco City Staff. It was also endorsed by the City Council of Melissa, Prosper, Allen, Anna, Richardson and Murphy. The Frisco and Plano Chamber of Commerce also endorsed the Proposal. Most importantly, it was endorsed by the citizen committee appointed to make recomendations to the County Commissioners and later approved by a vote of 4-1 in support of the proposal. Judge Keith Self was the dissenting vote.

NCTCOG (North Central Texas Council of Governments) further advised the committee not spend money on these freeways/major regionals (referencing Judge Self’s proposal) as they were not the county’s mission and were prohibitively expensive for local funding. It was NCTCOG’s responsibility to obtain state and federal funding for these roads. County and city funding was most effectively spent on the major arterials/thoroughfares within the county—in and between the cities and towns. This is exactly what the committee has proposed to the voters.

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