“To begin with my experience; I would like to point out that this was my first home purchase, so the process began with a bit of trepidation. It took many chats with Nikki and Louis to finally pull the trigger; I am thrilled that I did. Louis began the process many months before the final selection so they understood they were in it for the long-haul. Nikki stayed diligent and coached me through the process and Louis illustrated the advantages of home ownership given my uniquecircumstances. The two of them they really dug in and got to know me, first on a personal level and later with a business transaction. I am proud to call them life-long friends.
Nikki and Louis both talented athletes in their own disciplines showed me the drive and guidance of a coach. We developed a bond that aided in them in their assessment of my wants and needs. In the end the value that they are selling as Realtors is the personal touch; they showed me value, determination and commitment. I had looked at the marketplace for some time and my own research only went so far. The cold, faceless apps and virtual realtors that continue to flood the marketplace detract from the joy of home ownership and in my case, first-time home ownership.
Louis and I would chat about options frequently and we honed in on a 5 mile radius of where I lived at the time. I’m close to green areas, entertainment and a reasonable commute and key here in North Dallas close to key highways. I began looking at resales and the more Louis and I looked it became apparent that I was destined for a new build. We found the correct size, fit and finish and the prime location. Louis took the time to discuss the price and provide resources on lending and the financial impact. We analyzed the options and we weighed the pros and cons like a player/coach. I selected a CB Jeni Town Home in Mustang Park and I could not be happier with the space! It was a blessing to have Team DiBella in my corner, they are genuine and they truly are a winning team!