“Louis and Nikki went above and beyond. We interviewed several realtors before deciding to go with them. We were looking for someone who would be consultative, service-oriented, and had our best interest in mind. After a nice initial interview, they gave us a reference list of 10 people. I called all of them and everyone I talked to was super happy with them. Our own experience was no exception. They were both super patient with us and very willing to go all over the place to lots and lots of houses until we found the right place. They’re a great team with complementary strengths. Louis has an eye for recognizing the good and bad things about a property, what would need to be replaced, and identifying factors that would affect resale value. Nikki has an awesome skillset from her marketing background and is absolutely someone you’d want in your corner. They are both great at negotiating: Louis is great at having a calm approach as needed, and Nikki is great at getting the deal done. She can be as nice or as tough as you need. I would also add that we were looking for someone who would be able to act quickly in this crazy market. The DiBellas were absolutely awesome in this regard. We were very well positioned to move quickly, and I think that made a difference for u s. It helped that we worked with a great lender they knew: Jeff Kramer from Highlands Mortgage. Amanda Gardiner from Goosehead insurance was another awesome member of our dream team.”