“I heard about the Cheney group through a friend who referred me and I absolutely love them. They are very quick to respond to any questions and made the process really easy through their knowledge of the area and patience with someone who had never sold a house.

The first time I used them in 2012, I was selling my house and building a new one. They really impressed me when We met with the builder and they helped me decide options that would increase the value of the house and would be in demand for the area. They also were able to talk the builder down in price significantly! Ultimately I didn’t end up moving but they were so helpful and understanding.

In March 2015, I needed to sell my house and move out of state in 1 month. The whole process went very fast with much being done when I wasn’t in the state. When I viewed the online listing of my house, they had done such a good job with the description and pictures I wanted to buy my house again!!! I have no doubt that the Cheney group is the reason why I received multiple offers and was able to all my house within 30 day from listing to closing! “