“I want to express how impressed I was with Tim Nelson as my realtor in helping me and my wife to find a new home. Tim has unbounded energy, a ceaseless desire to understand our requirements, an eye for detail, and patience to listen to concerns then providing strong resolutions throughout the buying process. Tim made himself available as quickly as possible, responded to all questions, and he followed through on every issue and request. His knowledge of the market and the contracting process were invaluable, and he provided trusted advice as we moved through from bid to close. Tim’s focus on understanding his clients’ requirements were a refreshing change to what I have experienced with other realtors, starting with his initial process of taking inventory of our likes and dislikes. He then referred to those several times throughout the search process to ensure we didn’t make a decision we would later regret. I have not experienced this type of diligence with any other realtor, and I believe it is what sets Tim apart from the crowd. I would strongly recommend Ti to anyone looking for an outstanding realtor in the North TX market. Great work Tim!!!”