Keep Your Lawn Alive and Healthy

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KEEPING YOUR LAWN ALIVE DURING DROUGHT Homeowners know how important water is to maintaining healthy lawns. During times of drought, however, local water supplies can become so depleted that cities must enact drought contingency plans to conserve water. These plans approved by the state, set forth restrictions for water use based on water supply, lake levels and weather conditions. You …

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Green Ways to Greener Grass

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With recent rains, lawns are perking up in many neighborhoods. Keeping a beautiful lawn, even during dry spells, isn’t difficult but it does require some know-how. This week’s WaterWise Workshop covers basic lawn care steps that are essential to encouraging deep root growth and maintaining healthy grass year-round. Here are a few green tips for greener grass: Select the right grass.  Several …

Winter Prep for Lawn & Landscape

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This valuable information for keeping your lawn healthy over winter has been provided by Melissa at Granulawn. 1. Raise your mowing height! Mow high in the fall.  This creates a buffer zone that will help insulate the root system against cold injury or freeze damage. 2. Mowing Schedule Recommendations Be sure to mow at least bi-weekly during the October and …