Plano’s Legacy West Nearing Completion

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Ambitious Real Estate Project Almost Complete

We’ve been keeping close tabs on Plano’s Legacy West and are excited to share with you that the highly-anticipated development is nearing completion. Touted as one of the ‘most ambitious real estate projects in North Texas’, residents and business owners alike have been keeping a watchful eye on the development over the last year or so.

One of the main reasons why people are so excited about this project is what a huge impact it will have on the community itself. Not only will Legacy West change the North Texas skyline forever (it will be home to the tallest buildings in Collin County upon completion), but there are numerous high-end restaurants, shops, and corporate headquarters coming to the area, which is bound to draw attention.

What Can We Expect?

Plano’s Legacy West isn’t just another neighborhood or development, it is an innovative project that boasts numerous amenities and is designed to enhance the lives of its residents and business owners.

The parking garage, for one, will feature a one-of-a-kind guidance system equipped with a network of cameras that will help you find your parking spot, should you forget. Above ground, there is more than 350,000 square feet of office space in the works, as well as 800 apartment units. The brains behind the development wanted to create a welcoming urban village designed for people to live, work, and play, all in one space.

In recent months we have learned about a handful of the restaurants and shops coming to Legacy West, all of which we are absolutely thrilled about. Foodies will be excited about the eclectic dining options, many of which are headed by chefs who are looking forward to experimenting with new concepts and drawing people into the village with fun and mouth-watering dishes.

Barnes & Noble Restaurant Coming to Legacy West

It was also just announced that a new Barnes & Noble store will be coming to Legacy West, but this isn’t your average bookstore. This Barnes & Noble will be unique in that it will be serving wine and beer to its book-loving patrons, a concept that is in line with what other major cities around the nation – such as Portland, Denver, and Seattle – are doing.

This is the first Barnes & Noble of its kind to open in the southwest, so be sure and keep your eye out for it come March. Legacy West developer Fehmi Karahan hints that this isn’t the only hip space coming to the project, but he isn’t giving away too much just yet.

Finally, we have talked about how Legacy West will forever change the North Texas skyline, but how exactly? According to Karahan, airport regulations would allow for 87 story buildings, however, we are unlikely to see anything much higher than 30 stories right off the bat. Over the next two years, Karahan has plans for two 19-story towers (Liberty Mutual), a 24-story condo tower, and a 30-story apartment building, which will be the tallest in Collin County upon completion.

We will keep you updated as the project gets closer to the finish line, including sharing information on Legacy West housing options. Be sure and check back with The Cheney Group, Plano’s leading real estate firm, for more information on Legacy West and surrounding developments.

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