North Texas’ Best ‘DARTable’ Attractions

By Jeff Cheney | On

Whether you have lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for years or are considering calling this beautiful part of the country home, one thing is for sure: you need to familiarize yourself with DART. DART stands for Dallas Area Rapid Transit and it is one of the best ways to get out and experience the culture, entertainment, and dining scene in North Texas. There are tons of DART stations littered throughout DFW, Plano, and other surrounding cities. And if there’s not a DART station in a specific city, chances are the mass transit system will at least get you a little closer to where you want to go. So, why are we talking about DART today? For starters, the cities and communities – and the people that live in them – that surround DFW are what makes the cultural scene thrive, and this is in large part because of how easy it is to get into the city. With so much to do and see in North Texas, it can be difficult to figure out where to go, and how to get there.

This is where DART comes in. For residents of Plano and McKinney, specifically, DART and its connecting transit systems make experiencing the city easy. While you may not want to live directly in Dallas or Fort Worth, having access to the attractions, arts, entertainment, shopping, and dining that these areas have to offer is oftentimes high on people’s list. As a leading Plano real estate firm, we take great pride in helping our clients achieve the experiences they are looking for. Once you have found the house of your dreams in Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Little Elm, or elsewhere outside of the DFW area, you may be curious about all the city has going on, but don’t want to bother with the hassle of driving yourself. Below we will go over some of the top ‘DARTable’ attractions in the area, as well as a brief overview of where you can find the DART stations in North Texas.

Top DARTable Attractions

  • One of the top DARTable attractions is right here in Plano, making it easy for those in surrounding North Texas communities to get to, as well as those who live directly in Dallas or Fort Worth. Plano’s Courtyard Theater is a nearly 80-year old Works Progress Gymnasium that was converted into a modern theater. In the lobby you will find a gallery that features rotating works by local artists. A must-see, for Plano residents and others alike.
  • The Dallas Arts District is one of the best in the nation, and an area that is conveniently accessible via DART. One of the top attractions in the arts district is the Crow Collection of Asian Art, which boasts a sculpture garden, impressive collection of carved jade pieces, and the second-largest flawless crystal ball in the entire world.
  • The African American Museum of Dallas is one of the most well-respected and visited museums in Dallas and the United States overall. Dedicated to preserving and displaying African American art, history, and culture, the museum is located in Fair Park and is a must-see on a day trip to Dallas via DART.

There are tons of great attractions located throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, and the surrounding cities that can easily be reached by DART. If you are new to the area, this is an excellent way to truly get out and see all the area has to offer, without wasting your gas money and dealing with the hassle of parking. Just a quick note, Plano’s DART station is located downtown off 15th Street and Avenue J and is served by DART’s Red Line. The convenient location of this station makes a day trip to DFW, Garland, or any of the surrounding cities that DART serves a no-brainer! To learn more about the various attractions in Plano and other area of North Texas, please do not hesitate to contact us. Not only is The Cheney Group North Texas’ premier real estate firm, but we are here to help ensure your transition to the area is a smooth one.