In response to a citizen petition, the late night ordinance has been suspended until the citizens of Frisco can vote on the issue next May.  Frisco’s City Charter allows our citizens to petition to repeal our decisions by obtaining signatures from 30% of the # of people that voted in our last election.  Since we had just over to 2,000 votes in our last election, just under 700 signatures were required.

A valid petition was received which leaves the City Council 2 options:

  • Repeal the ordinance in its entirety or
  • suspend the ordinance until it can be voted on by the public

Council voted to do the later.  Frisco will have an interesting 2008.  In addition to a Mayor and Council races with no incumbents (Mayor Simpson, Jim Joyner, and Matt Lafata are at term limits) you will hear much about the late night vote as we get closer to the election.

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