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The Cheney Group was proud to be involved in the second annual Gold Party that happened over the weekend in support of the Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer Foundation. This cause is near and dear to all of us and we couldn’t be prouder of everyone who turned out to raise money for these children! The event raised an incredible $260,000 in just two days, which shows just how amazing the Frisco community really is. As a sponsor of the Gold Party at The Star in Frisco and the 8th annual Lemonade Stand at Newman Village, our team of Realtors was simply floored by how many people showed up in support of this important cause. Raising awareness about how much is needed – and given – to research for pediatric cancer is a cause we believe in and are humbled by.

While the event itself may be over, it is never too late to donate. If you would like to join us in fighting pediatric cancer and helping to raise money for additional research and resources, please donate here.

About the Foundation

Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer Foundation was founded in memory of Jonny Wade, who died of pediatric cancer. Despite being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Jonny believed no other kid should have cancer, and thus the foundation was formed. Through raising money from events like the Gold Party, the Foundation is able to fund pediatric cancer research for treatments and cures, improve access to and awareness of clinical trials for those faced with pediatric cancer, raise public awareness about the need for funding, and encourage organizations that are in charge of federal cancer research funding.

Last year, in their first year, the Gold Party raised $50,000 for the Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer Foundation, making this year’s $260,000 even more of an accomplishment. Unfortunately, only 4% of all National Cancer Institute (NCI) funding goes to pediatric cancer research. This is why events like the Gold Party and Lemonade Stand are so very important. Jonny believed that through raising awareness, many other kids who are diagnosed with cancer will have a brighter future. And he was right.

How The Cheney Group Was Involved

The Cheney Group was proud to be involved in both events this year, coming together with more than 500 influential Newman Village residents, their loved ones and guests, and the general public to raise money in support of Jonny’s cause. The Gold Party was a major hit this year, giving community members and businesses like ourselves the opportunity to get in front of a crowd of more than 400 attendees, all in support of an amazing cause. If you would like to learn more about the Kids Shouldn’t Have Cancer Foundation, please visit their website here. As proud members of the Frisco community, we were so honored to be part of two events that not only raised money for pediatric cancer research, but awareness regarding the need for community support.

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