Frisco Dog Park: Sneak Preview

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fFrisco Dog Park

Ruff Range Park

The Dog Park is finally here!

Frisco’s Ruff Range Dog Park will be opening October 2, 2011 with a grand opening celebration from 2-5.  Many thanks to the private citizens who worked hard with the City of Frisco to make this a reality.  To learn how you can be involved with the event, please visit the Frisco Dog Park website.

The location of the Dog Park is at the back end of BF Phillips Park on 4th Army, between Lebanon and Stonebrook.  Please join us for the celebration of Frisco’s latest jewel!




I had the pleasure of meeting the President of the Frisco Dog Park organization, Sarah Perham, shortly after being elected in 2007.  She was very passionate about the need for a dog park in Frisco and did a great job of selling the project.  There is no question this project would not be opening currently without the active participation of Sarah and all of the dog lovers in Frisco. This is a great example of our citizens can have a positive influence to effect lasting change in their community.

I have always been supportive of the project as Frisco’s goal is to promote active and healthy lifestyles.  Specialty parks such as a dog park invite citizens out that may have not visited another type of park.  In addition, many dog owners will travel to various surrounding cities to use their dog parks.  My only caveat was that the project had to fit within our budget, be located in a space that was not taking away from other park space, and not be near residences or businesses for noise concerns.  Frisco Parks and Rec delivered with the ideal located at BF Phillips Park.  This property is located at the bottom of a ridge and due to its size and location, had very limited uses.  However, due to the elevation changes, it makes an ideal dog park site.  Council quickly narrowed our focus to this location for a future dog park when funding was available.

Whenever a project is proposed, the hardest thing for us to do is preach patience with our citizens.  Frisco is only 50% developed so there will be many projects that are built out over literal decades.  For instance, I was drawn to run for City Council largely due to the idea of working on Grand Park.  However, that project has still not broken ground.  The Frisco Dog Park was no different and all of the dog lovers in town were pushing City Council hard a few years ago to build a temporary site at BF Phillips until this project could be funded.  Council denied that request.  In that meeting, I made comments that while I support the Dog Park, I did not support the temporary location as it did not meet the requirements I laid out previously.  In addition, I stated that if we built the temporary location, it would likely become the permanent location as we moved on to other priorities.  Council asked for patience one last time as we knew it would be worth the wait.

Was it worth the wait?  You be the judge!








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