On Thursday, October 25, Frisco hosted a special Town Hall Meeting to discuss the construction of Eldorado. Residents in NW Frisco have become increasingly frustrated with the traffic on Eldorado. The worst was the first week on school as residents were trying to figure out their routes. We received several hundred e-mails that week when traffic and frustrations were at their worst. There has been some relief as traffic patterns have become more established and with the opening of the Tollway extension. Also, Panther Creek was made a higher priority which should we open late next summer. This, along with the opening of some new schools, will help to relieve Eldorado further. Since Eldorado is 2-3 years from opening, any relief will be appreciated. We will continue to explore any ideas to help our residents in NW Frisco.

Here is a link to some FAQs regarding Eldorado:

Here is an article discussing alternate routes for Eldorado:


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