I knew this was going to be a late Council Meeting as soon as I saw the agenda.  I finally got home sometime around 1 am!

A few items of note include:

  • The late night ordinance was suspended and will be placed on the May ballot.  See my full write-up here
  • We continued further discussions regarding the Senior Tax freeze.  Based on the information presented by staff, there is not much support for a freeze in Frisco at this time.  Frisco still has much to develop and it is difficult to predict what the freeze would do to future budgets.  We will be considering increasing the Senior Exemption on a future agenda.
  • Michael Rodgers was appointed to serve on the Planning & Zoning Commission following the resignation of Geralyn Kaminski.
  • Council approved the construction of a event sign outside of Pizza Hut Park.  I also requested that the City be allowed to promote City events and important messages as part of our Developer Agreement.
  • Council had a long discussion regarding setbacks, specifically those pertaining to patio homes.  We have many homeowners in a few neighborhoods that constructed arbors and other structures without getting a permit.  As a result, many are being asked to remove their structures.  As I discussed at the meeting, I do not condone the behavior of building a structure without a permit. However, I do feel like the ordinance needs to be reviewed and updated to consider the patio home lifestyle. My opinion is that after any changes are agreed to, then the owners would have to change their structures to comply with the updated ordinance.  We are going to be reviewing this further in an upcoming meeting with Planning & Zoning in November.
  • Council approved a new form-based code manual.  This is a process on focusing on the structure above the use.  For instance, a grocery store would not be built with a long continuous front wall.  Instead, it would be built to look like a series of buildings.  As a result, the site could have a future use for things other than grocery stores.  This type of building standards helps keep Frisco unique and sustainable over time and will encourage reinvestment as Frisco matures.  It also applies to home and creating unique and sustainable neighborhoods.  Quality development is a passion of mine and I am excited about the possibilities of our new form-based code.

Thanks to everyone who stuck it out late with us tonight!

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