City Council Meeting – 2/17/2009

By Jeff Cheney | On

Our meeting this week was fairly short with mainly procedural votes taking place.  I wanted to first thank our Police and Fire Departments for their tribute to our fallen soldier, US Army Corporal Peter Courcy.  It was very touching welcome home.  You can read more about this story in the Frisco Enterprise Article.

I want to congratulate Liz Metting for being awarded the 2009 Engineer of the Year award from the American Society of Civil Engineers.  Liz is currently Frisco’s assistant director of engineering. Liz and her team oversee a Capital Project Program with $200 million of projects under construction and design.  Her team also reviews all private development plans for compliance with City standards.  Liz has over 20 years of experience in transportation and municipal engineering projects throughout Texas, including transportation planning, final design and municipal program management. Liz and her husband Mark have continually served as volunteers for a number of organizations including MATHCOUNTS, Preston Trail TSPE, Dallas ASCE, Texas Section ASCE, City of Plano, HOA and school PTAs. She also has enjoyed serving as a volunteer for Girl Scouts and has been recognized as an Outstanding Leader, Green Angel and Outstanding Volunteer.  Liz is a tremendous asset to the City of Frisco and we are thankful she represents the citizens of Frisco so well.

 Another proclamation was given to the Frisco Canyons Rock Climbing Team, “Team Canyons.”  Team Canyons has represented Frisco in competitions throughout the USA as well as competitions in Canada for the World Cup.  The team was the Regional Bouldering Competition Winner and a few members won individual competitions as well.  Congratulations to Team Canyons for your awards!

During citizen input, we had a special visit from teenager Adam Lee.  Adam lives in my neighborhood and along with his friends, are avid BMX riders.  They had constructed some ramps in our neighborhood creek area.  When one of our HOA Board members, Wenter Blair, became aware of the violation she saw it as a great opportunity to help the kids with their passion.  She decided to work with the kids to help the City develop our future skate park.  The kids have taken an active role in the development of the park and were excited to express their ideas to the City Council.  We have put them in touch with our Parks and Rec Department so they can have an mechnism to share their passion on what a Frisco skate park should look like.  As a Council, we greatly appreciate when our residents, especially our youth, show a vested interest and passion on how the City is developed.  I also want to thank Wenter for the leadership and direction she has shown to help the kids positively work on their passion.

I will conclude by mentioning our recent trip to Austin for Collin and Denton County Days with the Legislators.  Mayor Maso, Council Member Johnson and Felker, myself, Assistant City Manager Henry Hill, and Jim Gandy along with EDC staff spent 2 days in Austin to discuss issues important to Frisco in the upcoming session.  There were also many members from the Chamber representing Frisco as well.  It was a very productive trip and we had discussions with most of our representatives.  This was the first year it was done as a joint event with Collin, Denton, and Grayson Counties.  I felt this was a great way to handle the event as we had an opportunity to discuss isses with Denton and Collin County and did not feel the pressure of splitting our time.  More than anything, it was an opportunity to continue to build strong relationships with our regional leaders which is crucial when we are representing Frisco in front of our County and State Leaders.

Here is a picture from our trip:


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