After a few weeks of controversial agendas, this week’s agenda seemed relatively light. It was a nice break from recent meetings that lasted past midnight.

A few items of note:

  • Council approved an increase of the senior exemption from $30k to $50k. Part of the ordinance included language that if a petition is filed for a senior tax freeze, then the exemption would be reduced to zero.  Some cities have been hurt by having a high exemption and then have a freeze enacted on top of that.  A freeze may make sense for Frisco one day, but due to our high growth it is difficult to predict our senior population and how a freeze would impact the taxes of our remaining citizens.  This language allows us to consider it when the time is right for Frisco.  We had a few citizens speak in support of what we decided to do.  We had no vocal objections although in previous meetings some citizens had spoken in favor of a freeze.
  • A new state requirement for cities with a Red Light Camera program is for them to have a Citizen Advisory Committee.  The role of the committee is to serve as a watchdog that we are using the program for safety purposes and not to generate revenues.  Council approves a Resolution to create the committee and appointments will be made at our next meeting.  E-mail me if you would have interest in being considered.
  • Council approved an agreement to expand the Stars Center.  The expansion will increase the seats, add another parking garage, add a stage, add the availability for floor seating, and improve the acoustics and overall quality of the center.  A few months ago we listened to a presentation from a Developer to build a new facility at Main and the Tollway with public participation of $50-60 million.  The expansion of the Star Center will include public participation of $30 million.  Council voted 5-1 to do the expansion.  The debt service for the $36 million project will be paid by the sports group ($6 million), the School District ($15 million), and the City ($15 million).  The benefits of the facility expansion will include being able to host our graduations and teacher programs, bringing in a NBA Development League team, and making the facility more attractive for concerts and family entertainment.  The construction will not cost any of our teams any of their seasons.

Also during the meeting, we celebrated George Purefoy’s 20th year as Frisco’s City Manager.  George’s vision and dedication to Frisco has made him one of the most respected City Manager’s in the State.  Much of what you see in Frisco is the result of George and enough credit cannot be given to him and his staff.

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