Tonight’s meeting was our quickest since I have been on Council.  The agenda was relatively light this week with the Thanksgiving holiday.  We wrapped up before 8:30 tonight!  The highlight of the evening was recognizing the staff of the Frisco Athletic Club for their response to a young man who had a heart attack while playing basketball.  Their prompt response saved his life.  Congratulations to staff for a job well done and for having the proper procedures in place to respond to an emergency situation.

A few of our topics were tabled (ie postposted to a future meeting) due to further information being requested by staff. This included the decision to opt out of the Super Freeport Exemption, the nominations to the Citizen Advisory Committee to the Photographic Traffic Signal Enforcement System (Red Light Cameras), and a few contract items. 

The City has the option to opt-out of the super freeport exemption which exempts some businesses from paying taxes on property in transit.  The benefits would be to continue to generate tax revenue on this property. Some are concerned if we do not opt-out, companies will form shell companies to avoid paying legitimate taxes.  The downside to opting out is a possible disadvantage in attracting businesses that transfer goods.  I will keep you updated on the future decision.

The Citizen advisory committee for the red-light cameras will review the program’s effectiveness as well as give feedback on future cameras.  If you are interested in being considered for this committee, please let the Mayor and Council know.

We also reviewed the distribution of the Social Service General Revenue Funds. Frisco has committed to donating $1 per person to directed social service charities.  Council decided to review which charities should receive the funds based on a competitive application process each year.

My family is packing up to head to Columbus, Tx to visit family for Thanksgiving. I will, of course, be rooting for my Texas Longhorns to beat Texas A&M in football on Friday.  I am holding out hope we can still make our way into the Big 12 title game.  I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. 

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