November 4 Special Election

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Here is a list of Collin and Denton County Polling Locations:

Election Day Voting


Anyone with a television or radio is well aware of some of the players in the November 4 election, but did you know there is a major proposition concerning Frisco in your hands? Time to get out and VOTE!

In addition to state and district officials, there are also two propositions on the ballot – one from Frisco and one from the state. The City of Frisco is asking voters to vote For or Against allowing Frisco City Council to authorize the sale of alcohol until 2:00 a.m. on any day by businesses that hold a permit to sell mixed alcoholic beverages. Currently Frisco restaurant and bar owners are required to discontinue alcohol sales at midnight, which according to most owners is a strain on business. At that point, most patrons wishing to continue their night out get in their cars and head to neighboring cities like Plano or Dallas.

In this interview with Lifestyle Frisco, “What You Need To Know About Frisco Late Night Hours and the 2am Ordinance” it is also highlighted how this affects the growth and development of the City of Frisco. According to Councilman Cheney, “In our CVB or Convention of Visitor’s Bureau, that is one thing they consistently give us feedback on, as well as our hotel partners. They are no doubt losing business as a result of us not having the late night hours because the conventions, when they do come, we’ve all been out of town to conventions usually you’re going out with your colleagues and that’s an opportunity for you to get to know them better and network and do those things and they want to stay out later than midnight typically. Most people don’t want them getting in the car to have to drive to it. So absolutely it does make a decision in booking the events.” One Dallas Morning News article mentions the late-night alcohol sales have become an issue for some of the restaurants and hotels looking to bring their business to one of the many huge developments coming to Frisco, like Cowboys HQ, Wade Park and The Gate. For additional information, visit

The state proposition, if passed, would divert a portion of the stateRainy Day Fund to the State Highway Fund to help improve state roads as our increase in population demands.  According to the Dallas Morning News, “Texas voters have only one statewide ballot proposition to decide in November, and this one’s an easy call. Proposition 1 would yield billions for Texas roadways without raising taxes a penny. The proposal would tap the spiking tax collections on oil and gas production and use a portion for highways. It wouldn’t solve the road-funding problem, but it would put a dent in it. Voters can support this constitutional amendment with no qualms.” To read an in-depth article on this proposition, visit or

Your vote matters, however it is cast, so be sure to get out and VOTE! And don’t forget your required form of ID.

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