Gun Range to Call Frisco Home

Frisco, TEXAS (February 24, 2012) – With more than 27,000 square feet initially and a beginning investment of more than $5 million, the largest gun range in North Texas is coming to Frisco. Upon completion of phase two, it will be 35,000 square feet of country club atmosphere and investments totaling more than $9 million, making it one of the largest facilities of its kind in the nation. The Frisco Economic Development Corporation is pleased to announce the Frisco Gun Club & Academy.

“I am very excited to announce our newest location in the heart of Frisco,” said Jim Pisoni, president of the DFW Gun Range & Training Center. “With over a decade of experience in operating DFW Gun Range & Training Center, I look forward to the opening of Frisco Gun Club & Academy. With the facility’s opening, we will provide Frisco and the surrounding communities The Total Firearms Experience.”

The Frisco Gun Club & Academy will be located on the northeast corner of All Stars Avenue and John W. Elliot Drive – just southeast of the intersection of Frisco Street and Eldorado Parkway, not far from FC Dallas Stadium. The facility will have 40 shooting lanes for the public and house six private lanes for the High Caliber Members.

The Frisco Gun Club will house a 4,000 square foot retail showroom, business center and conference room plus an extensive academy. Aside from concealed handgun classes, this state of the art facility will provide a full line of training and educational opportunities, including self-defense classes in the full sized gymnasium.

“As our community continues to grow, so do the number of companies choosing Frisco as the best place to locate, relocate or grow existing businesses, and DFW Gun Range & Training Center is no different with the addition of its Frisco operation,” said Mayor Maher Maso. “We look forward to the jobs and economic impact this business will bring to Frisco. We wish Frisco Gun Club & Academy great success as it becomes part of our business community.”

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  1. Concerned Citizen

    Mr Cheney-

    Is Frisco returning to the wild wild west? You do understand that bullets bring even more LEAD to our “progressive” city. Very disappointed to learn about our attracting a gun range in Frisco. Perhaps this is the only type of businesses that will be interested in calling Frisco their home. Please read further about the harmful effects of lead. I feel very frustrated that this state of the art GUN RANGE along with the state of the art Exide Lead smelter plant is now in the heart of our family first city. Does anyone care about the children, the health of the citizens and our property values. So much for attracting NEW businesses, I for one am not excited about this one.

  2. Michelle

    While I agree with the Exide plant the shooting range is indoors. It is up to each person to decide if they want to be subjected to lead with an indoor facility.

  3. Richard O'Neil

    The Frisco Gun Club has been subjected to EPA regulations with regard to disposal of spent lead bullets. They won’t be dumped on the ground, flushed down the toilet or thrown out in the trash to wind up in land-fills.
    The Exide plant is going out of business after Frisco homeowners who bought their homes in the immediate Exide area complained. Even though they moved in knowing the plant was there.Kinda like moving in next door to an airport runway and then complaining that airplanes make noise.
    The Frisco children will not be affected by this new gun range unless they learn paranoia from their parents over the issue.

  4. Seth Garvin

    Hi Jeff,

    Ok, I’m confused. DFW Gun range says it’s opening a state of the art range on Allstars & John W. Elliot. The Bullet trap says they are opening a range on Eldorado. Who’s coming to town?

    Also no one should feel frustrated that a gun range is coming to Frisco. It’s an indoor range and they will have filtered ventilation systems and proper disposal procedures from the EPA.. Your children won’t be affected, in fact you should worry more about exhaust from vehicles in traffic everyday than from lead.

    My family and I will be getting a membership as soon as we figure out who’s coming to town!

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